Fire Performances 


Wiz Spencer works alone or part of a team, We use many exciting fiery tools and fire techniques to get a better idea of the performance skills available, we use;


Fire Poi- Balls and ropes of fire are spun around the performer in a dynamic and visually stunning display.
Fire Breathing- The most dangerous of all the fire arts, the performer breaths plumes of fire from their mouth.
Juggling- A demonstration of extreme coordination, the performers juggle and pass flaming clubs.
Fire Fans- A poised and elegant display as the performer paint pictures in the air with the flaming fans.
Sparkle Poi (Speciality Performance)- A visually stunning show, the performer uses special poi that shower glowing sparks, creating a curtain of light.
Staff- The performer manipulates a flaming staff. Letting off huge balls of fire its a show of incredible coordination
Fire Eating- A feat not for the faint of heart, we will extinguish flaming torches using nothing but their mouths.
Body Burning- One of the most daring of the fire arts, body burning is the act of running a lit fire torch along exposed areas of the body.
Fire Hoop- The performer gracefully and skilfully manipulates a ring of fire as it encircles their entire body.
Coloured Fire (Speciality Performance)- A great speciality act, coloured fire is perfect for special events or to match that corporate branding

Freestyle Performance 
Freestyle performances can last anywhere from 15 minutes to the entire length of your event if requested. They provide a lively and energetic source of entertainment. Freestyle performances allow for great interaction with the audience, tailoring the act to the desirers of the watching crowds. The performances can be tailored to meet the needs of any occasion. This is a favourite for people wanting to make a grand entrance to a venue with performers either side of the doors.

Freestyle performances are available in the following packages: 

Fire Performance (Standard Package): 1 performer, up to 1 hour. 
Fire Performance with fire breathing: 1 performer, up to 1 hour. 
Fire Performance: 2 performers, up to 90 minutes. 
Fire Performance with fire breathing: 2 performers, up to 90 minutes.


Choreographed Stage Performance
As a headline or support act you cannot beat the impact of a choreographed fire & glow performance. With a range of shows featuring 3 performers the team can deliver a show that is guaranteed to dazzle your audience. The shows are fully choreographed to backing music and showcase these talented artists, showing off all their skills including poi, staff, juggling, body burning and fire eating. The shows are suitable for both in and outdoor stages and can be tailored to meet specific needs upon request.


Our fire performers are highly skilled and highly insured. The fire effect is best appreciated in the evening.


Other custom theme avalable on request 

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